Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Christine, Joshua and Peter would like to say:
"Happy Father's Day to Daddy and Grandpa!"
We started the day with the gift the children did for Robert. He knew they were up to something but had no ideas what that would be but he gave a strict order that the present has to be under $10.00. Well, thanks to the coupon and things we have on hand, it was under ten dollars. LOL! He was pleasantly surprised by the picture frame and especially the "interviews" I did with the children. I got this idea from Candace. Christine put together the collage.
After church, Christine and I brought some white flowers to my Dad's (and my grandma's) graves. My sisters and brother had been there already, they brought some brilliant colors of flowers so it worked out very well with the added touch of white. We used to go to my Dad's grave every month. Christine and I agree that we should resume that activity.
We went to the cloth exchange at GBC after ward. It was a great turn out. I got some neat skirts and tops. God is good.

Christine made the card.

The "interviews".

Good morning!

The Roe boys.

Robert loves the "interviews".

Robert and his children except Erik. Erik called later and had a great phone visit with Robert.

This is the collage Christine created for Robert. He will be putting that on his office desk.

Robert makes great pancakes. He learned it from his Dad. He insisted on making it this morning when it is his "day off". :) We love you!

Joshua made this Father's Day paper tie for Robert years ago. Robert wears it every Father's Day. What a Dad!

My Dad's grave site.

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