Friday, June 19, 2009

Peter is 15 months old

Yup, 15. Today.

I know I have been treasuring all of those 15 months but still... It is such a mixed feeling I have here. While it is wonderful to see him grow and discovering new things, at the same time I realized I don't have a baby any more. I have a toddler now. I am a little blue about that.

It is all right, I guess. Peter is a real joy to all of us. His laugh is so contagious, his hug precious and his bye-bye means see you later or I am going down for the nap/night.

He is walking and running confidently now and very firm on things he wants. He could sit still and listen to me read the whole Mother Duck book to him and would pat-a-cake with me, he would run to me when I whisper his name. Oh, he is so.... so Peter!

We will be seeing Grandpa and Grandma Liz next week and I know he will charm them to pieces.

We love you, Peter boy, happy fifteen months old!

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