Friday, May 29, 2009

Peter walking

Peter has been walking on his own since last week. He is getting better and better in this new discovery. Every time I watch him walk, I sense how fast time has gone by. I checked on him last night before I turned in, his little body has already lengthen some what. He is a toddler now... *sniff, sniff*.

I took a few pictures of him walking out of his sister's room earlier. It was his nap time and he wanted his bottle.

Peter also climbs the stairs in an amazing speed but has not mastered the skill of coming back down just yet.

He said "hi" yesterday, loud and clear, with a tailing off on the "i" as "Hiiiiiii....", so cute.

Peter loves bunny dearly. Every morning after breakfast, he has to visit bunny by the patio door. Bunny seems to know Peter's presence and would run over to the door (on the other side - this door is shut whenever Peter is wandering around) and scratches it. It is a very sweet scene. Thank you, dear Peter, for making your mommy's heart full.

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