Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today at our home

Preparing breakfast for Peter. I like my little wood dowel, it makes the mashing task so much faster and no mess.

Making homemade french fries to go with our home grilled burgers for tonight's dinner.

The Roe's Burger Joint.

I used my good old trusty brown paper bags to hold the first round of fries to soak up the grease. Afterward, we put the fries in their individual "coffee-filter fries holder".

Daddy putting his burger together.

Joshua likes to put fries inside his burger.

Peter's first french fries.

Christine said: Yummy!!!!!!!!

One of our read alouds for this month. How simple yet hard life was in those days.

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Iosue said...

Did Christine do this? There is nothing quite like home made frys!