Thursday, April 23, 2009

FLY Day 24 - Swish and Swipe!

Today's assignment is one I am ever grateful for since I started the FLY method long ago. Even though I have missed other chores in the past, this one has kept up, somewhat, especially for the guest bathroom. Our guest bathroom is quite small as you can see, I keep it very light. It is not a fancy room but it always makes me smile whenever I use it. :) It is guest ready most of the time, if it is not, it only takes a couple of minutes to get it ready. I wish other areas in my home would only take that amount of time to be guest ready. Ha!

Welcome to my little guest bathroom.

I made this wall hanging jar many years ago when I was very involved with Stampin'Up! Oops! Forgot to hang my green hand towel back up.

I only keep a soap and a hand lotion dispenser by the sink, which makes cleaning up super easy and fast. The Greek column that's holding the lavender scent candle (a Christmas exchanged gift at my friend Karen's house) was a garage sale item I got for pennies. I like its clean look and it displays well in this little bathroom.

We put on the new curtain but did not like it. I am still looking for one to put there. Perhaps I will sew one!?

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