Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FLY Day 16 - FLYLady's Email and family time

Today went by so fast that I am glad the FLY assignment was yet another easy one. Joshua had his Zoology class and at noon, I met Robert for lunch as my birthday gift to him. I heated up my lunch at home and took it with me to his work place to surprise him. Christine stayed home to work on the birthday project as Joshua kept an eye on Peter while she worked. It was a sweet 30 minutes lunch I had alone with Robert. We originally wanted to go out for dinner but have decided to stay home and had home cooked meal. Since we are determined to get out of debt, we have been trying to do without as much as we can and will continue for the next two years.
Erik called and wished Dad a happy birthday. We all got to talk with him. It's always a delight when we got to talk with him on the phone or in person.

Christine drew this for her Daddy as a b-day gift from all of us.

She even found a nice poem and calligraphy it.

Everyone got to sign the card, even Peter!

Birthday boy reading his present.

Talking with Erik on the phone (all of us).

Joshua had a great baseball game yesterday afternoon. They won. The game got cut short (at 6:15pm) when the rain came. We were soaked before reaching our car in the parking lot. The coach asked Joshua to be a catcher from this game on. He said that Joshua has a big potential for being a good Catcher. Josh will have some extra practices in the upcoming weeks.

A good looking catcher he is!

I took some pictures today when the kids walked out to get the mail. It was a very cute sight to see the three of them walking together.

My beautiful children! God is so good to me.

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