Monday, April 6, 2009

FLY Day 14 - Use your calendar and how I made my croutons

Day 14! Wow, I think I am on a roll! I like today's assignment. I like using the FLY calendar very much. I use only one calendar in my home and everyone knows exactly where to find it. We staple the library book receipt on the calendar three days before due date, to remind us to return the books. We haven't been late since we started doing that (OK, maybe once or twice, but not like before...). Hahaha...


I made a batch of croutons today. Ever since an Italian girl friend had shown me how to make these little yummy treat, I have not bought a single crouton bag from the grocery store. I make it whenever I have the French Baguette available. You can use any hard bread as you wish, she said. I found that I like the baguette the best. This is also my older son Erik's favorite snack. I remember I would make a whole cookie sheet full of croutons, went to do something while the croutons are cooling off on the stove top. When I came back I would find half of them gone. Erik would say: Hey, Mom, those awesome snack you made is just yummy! I am glad he liked the treat. I am glad that anything I cook that my kids would like to eat and want more of...

Here are the picture steps I took when I made the croutons this afternoon:

Cutting up the French Baguette.

I always try to cut them into the similar cube size for even baking.

I miss my Italian seasoning I used to buy from Costco. I haven't seen it lately. I now use whatever taste "Italian-ish" type of seasoning to put into my bread cubes.

This is the fun part! I put on my disposable plastic glove and get to the bottom of the mixing bowl and give the bread cubes a good mixing. I like the glove. It keeps my hand clean from the oil and seasoning and at the same time, the bread cubes get a real good coating.

I pre-heated the oven at 250 degree and put the cookie sheet in for 30 minutes (oven varies so you might need to adjust the time). Cool before serving (or not!).

Gasp! I ran out of the gallon zip-Log bags. Actually, it has been out for almost a month now. We are trying to see how long we can hold off before running to Costco for it. I found an empty Tupperware Cereal container and decided that will be my croutons' new home.

Living greener is definitely the way our family want to go. It forces us to look around (in our own home), what we can recycle instead of running out to SHOP every time we run out of something.

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