Sunday, April 26, 2009


Today Peter has moved into Joshua's room. To get him adjusted to the changes, we let him nap in there this afternoon and he napped for three solid hours! We found him giggling to himself when we thought we should check on him.
Since this is the first time that room is hosting two boys, we will be thinking about ideas of how to arrange the room to make it look roomier. Bunkbed is an option, we just need to wait till Peter is a bit older. I will post pictures when we are ready for the re-arrangement.
We seemed to have gained much space now that the crib is out of our bedroom. When I walked in to take his bedding to him I saw my sad, sad bedside table. Then an Aha moment hit, I ran out to the hallway and saw that the little white bookshelf was still standing there - doing nothing - perfect! Now it's time to change our bedroom.
The end result, I must say, was an uplifted spirit and I could not stop smiling.
A catch all and diaper changing station...
Bookshelf here is waiting for a face-lift...
This would be my ideal night stand top...
But, I must be practical and creative... A bookshelf in place of a nightstand (Do you know I love Bookshelves? I wouldn't mind at all if my whole house is filled with them. This one was a birthday gift from my good friend Kim).
This Longaberger sweetheart candle's scent is just r.o.m.a.n.t.i.c.
Two lighted bookends. They are those battery operated candles I got and didn't know where to put them, I think they are happy in their new home, don't you agree?

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