Monday, March 9, 2009

Saying good-bye

Pizza for dinner! Yummy!

Our family's favorite board game - the "Roe-opoly"!

Last weekend we went to Vandenburg AFB to visit Erik. Emma was also there with the kids to take Erik home, after the graduation on Tuesday, so we "jammed" in with them at the TLF for the night. The visiting was fun as usual except Erik couldn't talk much as the dentist had done some work on his teeth and had accidentally torn the cornner of his lip, not so big that would require stitches, but enough to cause some great pain for him to open his mouth.
We tried to play a board game after dinner but Peter was just not able to go down for the night (too much noice right outside the bedroom - the wall was very thin - and the strange surrounding was getting a good hold of him). Erik also had a headache due to the pain in his mouth, so we decided to go to bed.
Next morning, we went to pick up an ice cream cake to celebrate Peter's 1st birthday. Nothing fancy, watched him eating the cake was the fun part. Peter didn't know what to make out of all these - MOMMY GAVE ME SUGAR! It was a "cookies and cream" ice cream cake and I think HE . LIKED . IT! We got him a pair of shoes and some socks and Erik and Emma gave him two sets of outfits, a board book (love those board books) and the best one - the AF bib! (today we also received a parcel from grandpa and grandma Liz - Peter got his first western wear! a handsome jean cowboy outfit! and two cute tops. Thank you, Gramps!)

After the cake, we drove to a beach nearby and spent a nice sunny afternoon with a beautiful California mountain backdrop. The kids loved it! Even though it was a bit chilly, everyone seemed to have a great time!

We ate dinner at the Original Roadhouse Grill place, the food was good but the birthday act from the staff was a bit embarrassing. We wnet back to the TLF to bid Erik good bye, that's when it hit me hard. I know I will see him again, but it won't be as easy as it has been. I am not good at saying good byes, especially to my kids. I pray that God will continue to cover them with His love and grace.

The Roe boys - Erik (21), Joshua (11) and baby Pete (1).

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