Friday, March 20, 2009

FLY again

I think I am ready to FLY again. I want to make this a journey on how to get our home organized enough to function efficiently. I've found the FLYlady method back in 1999. The only thing that stuck with me at the time was the shinning sink task. Fast forward to 2002, a major personal event hit me and that was when I decided to look closer to the FLY system again. My home was organized for about two years (which were the two happiest years for me as a home maker). Another situation hit in the end of 2005 and I lost it again with the zeal of home organization. now into the new year of 2009, which is the 10th year since I found the method, I thought I would do a "refresher course" once more. So the journey begins with... you got it! The shinning of the sink! I want to regain my weekend for my family's activity, and I know if I am diligent and with prayer and by God's grace, it could happen again.

If you would like to be my companion on this journey, then roll up your sleeves and let's get started with Day 1!

Since tomorrow is weekend, I will just keep the Day 1 all the way through until Monday or Tuesday to start Day 2. At the mean time, I will continue my hot spot cleaning or de-cluttering.

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