Monday, April 1, 2013

Refrigerator Cleaning

The Spring Cleaning continues... Today, I decided to tackle the fridge. I have not really cleansed it since we moved in and it was time.


This is how I organize my shelves:
Top self - way in the back I keep the flours and the used coconut oil for deep frying. I also have added a shelf in there to hold the flat items.

second "layer" on top shelf - extras of the same stuff.

Top shelf - in the front is my daily stuff.

 Second shelf - Left overs and more daily stuff. I love using shoe boxes in there for easy access.

I love this huge drawer! I keep lots of "loose" items in there. I use a shorter tray in there for a compartment look. I also love my white hard boiled eggs holder - a TJ Max find.

Third shelf - More shoe boxes for veggies and fruit.

The two drawers' contents are obvious.
This is before I restock but it is bare because we EAT the stuff we buy. A lot less wastes these days.

Because we have the wall behind the fridge door, I remove the door shelf before pulling out the bottom left drawer to clean.

After = ♥

The door storage is the worst part of the organization. Before... 

 After. Love how the like items are next to each other. :)  Those white dividers are adjustable. One thing I learned is that milk goes bad faster if stored in the door shelf as the temperature fluctuates quite a bit with the opening and closing of the door.

Freezer door. Before.

Freezer door. After. Not sure why I keep the decaf as no one is drinking it any more...

Freezer - Before. Looking at this, I realized the way we eat these days are definitely not a monthly menu but rather, a weekly one.

After - not much work here. Merely rearranged the items.

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