Friday, February 22, 2013

Daisy Love Day

It took two years but I finally middle named our unborn baby girl ~ Love

I will remember Daisy every year this day as she had taught me the love of God is the most powerful thing on earth.

I still cry whenever this day comes but always ending the day with the knowledge that I will see her some day in heaven and then there I will see her precious face with tears of joy.

Unless you have miscarried a baby, this pain is hard to describe. Yes, the world goes on with or without your baby, but your own world is up-side down whenever the anniversary of that fatal day is here.

It truly is by God's grace that we move through that day.

Today I went out and bought some daisy flowers in remembrance of my baby in heaven.

I found out the meaning of Daisy - loyal love.

I love her even though she is not here.

Our heavenly Father loves us before we love Him.

February is the month of love, however way you look at it.

So yes, I know I have found her a perfect middle name.

Love you so much, sweet Daisy Love.

Until we meet in heaven,

Mommy ♥

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