Friday, January 27, 2012

Long Day, Short Post

We saw the movie Money Ball tonight at the $3.50 movie house. Cheap date but at least we are having date nights. :)  This will be a short post as I had a long working day.

Frying up some red onion to go with our burger night.

Can't have home made burger without home made fries :) These are fried in peanut oil. Yum!

Guess what Peter grouped these into?

Yup! 3, 6, 9, 12. He had no clue why we were so excited over his grouping. He repeated the numbers after us but I don't think he understood what that all meant - yet.

I am one of those rare organized scrapbooking gal. I could not create when my paper supplies are in a mess.  This is how I organize my big pretty papers and alphabet stickers...

Urg! the side way picture again!!! This is how I organize big pieces of scrap of papers...

and this is how I organize my small pieces of scrap papers (for all of my punch usage)

Here is another Valentine card for your viewing.

 Have a wonderful weekend!

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