Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Remedy

I have not been sick like this for a long while. 

You see, I am a wimp when it comes to dealing with head cold/sore throat kinda things.  A long while ago I tried to be my own doctor and treated my sore throat at home except to find myself in the doctor's office getting scolded for doing so.  That sore throat almost cost my life - it lead to an ear infection and a giant headache.  So, yeah, after that fiasco, I go to the doctor after the first sign of sore throat I get. Unfortunately, they ALWAYS prescribe anti-biotic to me.  Needless to say, the discomfort of the soreness went away like magic. I experienced no further pain and life went on beautifully (even though, for my health, the anti-biotic is far more costly than it sounds).

Anyway, Last Saturday evening, I began to "feel" that soreness.  My senses were all heightened because of it.  I stayed low key and tried to relax (yeah, with a three years old by my side).  By Sunday, it didn't go away and I became very upset.  I could not go to the doctor this time because we have no insurance currently and all of a sudden I was at a loss in finding something at home to sooth my throat.  Monday came, no use, still there, and it got worse at night time, I started to cough and having a sinus infection symptoms. Sitting up almost the entire night coughing and blowing my nose. By Tuesday, I was half gone.  I showed up at the fs program and had to leave early because I was just too weak to help.  On Wednesday, feeling a little better I thought I could fulfil an outside commitment but instead, found myself with no energy and I was excused from the commitment early.  The moment I hit home, all I could think of was "please give me my bed and some hours to sleep in!"

Sleep deprivation can make you a very silly person. Case closed.  I was so tired that I did not even think of Googling for something that might help without seeing a doctor.

Anyway, everyone I talked to during that time all have given me a remedy to try. You know what, I found out it is not a good thing to "try" remedy when you are sick and can not think clearly.  I did the honey coated raw garlic with cold water, I rubbed on me heavy dozes of the dragon blood (Robert calls it that name) Chinese medicine oil (yes, the word dragon-blood is actually one of the ingredients listed  in the oil), bunches of Vitamin Cs. A whole box of "throat tea", Ricolas, I tried the Wellness Formula Dietary Supplement and I even drank the really old "salty lemon gold nugget juice".  After all of these intense doses of "home remedy", I finally gave "Airborne" a try, and bingo! I think we hit it right this time.  I am now on my road to recovery, thank you, Lord.  Now Peter is coughing and having a runny nose, so I am giving him 1/8 of a Airborne tablet in his diluted organic apple juice to drink three times a day and hope to prevent a fever from setting in.

I don't like to play doctor. This time we were fortunate to get the sickness down.  This epic has caused me to want to look into the natural medicine realm as I am not sure how long this job seeking season would last.

Airborne - The winner for this bout.

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