Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Garlands Storage

When I finally packed away the Christmas decors last Saturday, I took the chance to thoroughly go through the ornaments and other stuff that I have been wanting to do for a few years.  Those last few years I just didn't have the motivation I needed to do so.

This year, since Robert is home, I took advantage of his available hands and strong back and set out to really clean out the garage.  The Christmas boxes were among those that desperately needed to weed through.

One thing I had always been frustrated with was with the garlands storing task.  We love our sparkling garlands but it was a pain to untangle them every year when it's time to hang them with our evergreen garland. 

I decided to lick this problem without spending even a penny on a storage unit.

All I needed was a box and two old hand towels.

Here is my pictorial of the steps:

The old way of garland storing.

Step 1 - Lay out the towel

Step 2 - Start with one end of the garland

Step 3 - fold (or roll) over the garland

Step 4 - Move the garland over the folded towel

Step 5 - Roll the towel over

Repeat step 4 & 5 except this time from the other side

Until there's no more towel to roll

Wrap the remaining garland over the "pink burrito" (it helps to secure the "burrito" as well)

Voila.  It is ready to be store away!

I had two garlands hence two "pink burritos"

Bent them to fit in the box

One on top the other

Topped with my green garland which I have no problem untangling so I just stuff it on top of the "burritos".  What do you know, after I did all these I then remembered this box has no lid.  It was a gift box that held some goodies given to us from a friend years ago.  Time to improvise...

Good old Cheerio box came to the rescue!  I made a simple lid from the cardboard box.

There, all finished and labeled. No more tangled mess next year!

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Donna said...

What a helpful tip! I'll remember this for the next time I am storing garland. This year each strand went into a small ziploc baggie and hopefully it will not be a tangled mess. Thanks for sharing!