Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer is here

Summer is here, which means we will be busier than ever, except in this case, the busyness will be involving vacationing and fun activities.

We had our promotion night last evening and it was amazing as usual.  With the kids being technically on the "off" school schedule, I found myself looking forward to a great summer time with them. 

One of the things I want to minimize in this summer is my computer time.  It has been hard to know when is too much.  So I thought I should take advantage of this summer and stay off the computer as much as I could and just live the "old fashion" days as I used to live before the computer took over my life. 

I will still do my Minimize it Monday and Tackling Tuesday projects during summer time, but may not be posting them as regularly as I have been doing. 

Thank you Sharon and Amy for inviting me to join your link parties.  I have had so much fun!  I will be continuing to link to your parties whenever I get a chance to write. Oh, Jamie, This is just a little break for me to refocus.  I will still be reading blogs here and there.  Your blog is one of the blogs that I will be keeping up the reading of. :) Thank you for being a wonderful blog friend!

Hope you all have a nice summer!!!

Little Peter really wants to be like his big brothers! (picture by Christine)
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Amy Bowman said...

I've missed you in blogland! How was a break? There were so many times I thought I should have done the same, it has been so hard to know if that is conviction or just me over reacting to the busyness of summer. Blogging is such a creative outlet for me, so to give it up would not be easy, I just enjoy it so much!
Anyway, just wanted to let you know I have thought of you!!