Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy Friday part 3 :: Card Making Night

Continued on, Christine and I arrived at this beautiful house of a school family. We had a teen girl's craft night school event. It was fun to have met so many wonderful young girls who are also very creative.

Christine and I made some samples before hand.

Christine's creation.

She did some fancy things with her camera. By the way, she took all of these pictures for me. Another great way to experiment taking still object shots for her. I really like this one's color effect.

I made this one. I really like this card paper. It is such a happy color with glitter.

Christine's little red frog hello card. We love it!

Christine cut out a flower from my favorite paper and creating a sun burst effect.

Christine would like to say "Thank you".

Another one of Christine's card. She did a lot of the samples for me this time. We had a blast!

I was into the Mom card this time. Well, gave the girls some Mother's Day card ideas. :)

More cards...

I love making this little gift tag as well.

Cupcake was a great hit last year so I decided to bring the sample with me again.

These bookmarks was not for the girls but I thought I'd shown you that you can make a lot of book marks with a pack of these cute papers at the 99 cent store.

This is the "warm-up" card sample I created for the girls. This was the first card they made using the materials I have cropped up for them to get their creative juice going.

Look at what they have created!

We had such a fun night that the girls asked if we could do this every month! Oh I would, if my life is not this hectic. :) Looking at this picture I see that I need to hop back on the low sugar diet... or, at least think seriously about it.

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