Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let's Shoot!

It felt like we were on the road all day yesterday. We left at noon to be at the away basketball game for Christine. I had not seen her play much in a game since Peter was born. I was not crazy about bringing a baby to basketball games. :)

I was so amazed at how much the team has bonded over the last few years. The team work was definitely shown through the game played.

Peter wanted to get on the floor that he started to fuss. So we let him out to the floor (mistake) for a brief moment but it was like tasting the delicious candy for the first time, he wouldn't want to return to the stroller. When Joshua was trying to entertain him he was fine. He started his waling again when we needed to put him back into the stroller as the game was about to begin.

It was a teaching moment. I was not embarrassed by his loud crying as I would have been years ago with my other children. I simply pushed the stroller outside the gym and told him that if he wanted to be inside the gym he needed to stop crying.

This went on for a few times. By the fourth or fifth time, I think he got the idea and was Ok for the rest of the game.

I really want to be there for Christine's future games and I think Peter would be a good basketball player as he did show good eye-hand coordination handling the basketball. So I will continue to train him to learn the rules of watching a ball game, in hope that one day when he really gets it then it will be a joyous family outing for us all to attend.

Peter running after the ball and Josh running after him.

Christine made the first basket for her team. They won the game by a huge margin.

Check out Peter's hands as he was throwing that ball back to Emily. Looked like a pair of future basketball hands to me. :)

Today, Christine was up for a photo shoot of herself and needed my assistance (pushing the button). It was a fun afternoon for us mom and daughter. I had fun posing her and she looked stunning in that retro outfit!

She was setting up for the right lighting so all I needed to do was to focus and push the shutter button.

Christine said she looked so much like me in this picture (I think she meant when I was younger)... What do you think? Becky? Kim? Dad/Liz?

She looked so grown up in this series of photo shoots.


Budgets are the New Black said...

My favorite is her taking a picture with her legs straddling like the tripod legs. And the banner is beautiful.

Our Lives said...

LOL! I noticed that, too. :) Christine created the banner for me from her laptop. My PC could not handle the down loading of Picasa (why? I don't know). Hubby insisted that I not to down load that software. :(
So I picked the pictures and the layouts and she put them together for me. it's fine with me. I love teamwork! :)