Thursday, January 21, 2010

Twelve Years

You turned twelve today, Joshua.
You are in a very special time of your life.
This is the age you will be starting to notice life in a new way. You have been grounded with a foundation of Jesus Christ as your Savior for the last twelve years. Now is time for you to see the truth going against this world's grain.
Your dad and I pray for you, our son. We pray that God will grant you the wisdom to handle life with a new group of kids that you will encounter. We pray that He will guard your heart and your mind against Satan's lies. We pray that He will protect you when bad company gets close to you. We pray that He will give you courage to be honest. We pray that you will grasp that the truth shall set you free. We pray that you will have vision to do God's work. We pray that you will have compassion toward those who wronged you, and forgive them as He has forgiven you of your transgressions. We pray that you will help the kids who are lost in the dark and point them to the Bible truth. We PRAY - that you will become a man after God's own heart as you mature spiritually.

We thank God for blessing us with you, Joshua. You have been a great joy to our hearts.

I know you don't like me calling you "my baby" any more. I will respect your wish but do know that as long as I am your mom, you will always be my baby even when you are ninety-nine.

Happy twelfth birthday, son!

Our birthday breakfast tradition - Donuts!

Peter's first trip to pick out birthday donuts.

Love the card your sister made for you. Especially the boots!

I can't hear you...

Peter thanked you for his first taste of donut!

Jelly beans anytime for you...
Your favorite candy - yum! Thank you, Neuzil family!
May your wish come true... (photo by Christine)
One troy ounce of silver for the birthday boy.
Love the cards! Hand made by Emily and Christine; Grandpa and Grandma Liz's special picked card for you and Daddy knew you like Charlie Brown!
To complete the special day, Erik called and I can't believe you were on the phone with him for an hour! I am so happy that you have a great big brother who has aspired you to join the CAP!

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Budgets are the New Black said...

What a wonderful prayer.

(We often use donuts to celebrate in our house, too;)