Tuesday, January 19, 2010

22 months old!

How did this happened so fast? I know, I know, I've asked myself this question every time his "monthly birthday" is here.

Here is some of the latest stat of Peter:

He is a reader...

A helper...

An entertainer!


He is really wanting to talk by making sounds and signing with his hands at the same time.

His fondness of reading has increased.

He could feed himself well.

He likes to play with Kleenex - wiping his nose/face and then the floor.

He's gotten his second cold in his life this week. :(

He walks up and down stairs with much more confidence (especially the coming down part - he wouldn't even hold my hand).

He loves to pose for the camera (all due to big sister's training).

He loves looking out the window.

He loves the playground in the park (there's where he got his second cold).

He loves to EAT!

When I asked if he has dirtied his diaper, he will pull his shirt up (if it was a yes).

Talking on the phone is one of his favorite things to do.

He tasted his first "supreme" pizza I made last night, and he liked it!

He has extremely good hearing. he could hear Daddy is home by recognizing the sound the garage door being opened even when he is inside the house.

He still gives wet kisses and bear hugs.

He got up and down chairs effortlessly (even the armless ones that gives me an heart attack whenever I catch him climbing up to).

He goes down for a nap and night-night easily.

Still takes his two hours naps and sleeps twelve hours through the night. Yay! Biut when he is teething, he will wake up crying in the middle of the night. He has a few more teeth that need to come in. He is a late "teeth-boomer". :)

Here is the most precious one:
He loves to talk to Bunny (our miniature rabbit) in the morning!

Happy 22 months old Peter! We love you!

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