Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Warm oatmeal all the way!

Peter has no problem quickly eating up his coconut oil and maple syrup oatmeal, so it stays warm till the last spoonful. His siblings, on the other hand needed some help. I didn't know about the coconut oil and maple syrup combo when they were first introduced to oatmeal. I just put brown sugar on top of the plain oatmeal for them. So it is not as exciting and it takes them a while to finish theirs. Sometimes they couldn't finish eating it because it got cold. Have you tasted cold oatmeal? yeah, I don't want to either. I finally came up with this trick - pour in one cup of hot water in a big bowl and place the oatmeal bowl inside it - fitted. There, they have their warm oatmeal all the way till the last spoonful as well! Works for me!

Poured in a cup of hot water in the big bowl.

nested in it the oatmeal bowl. Tada! Yummy warm oatmeal every spoonful.

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