Thursday, November 12, 2009

random thoughts

I blog, mainly because I like to document events, memories and lessons I've learned. It is in hope that one day when I have time (we are talking about in years. LOL!) I will compile them in albums. I know my blogging style is plain, straight forward and no non-sense. I heard someone once said that your writing reflects your personality. I guess that's me - plain and straight forward. That could be a good trait, sometimes though, as my children would never be confused for what I said. Although it may sound harsh at times, they know I meant what I said.

I am blessed as the Lord has given me a husband who is nothing like me. He is more passionated about things. He is gentle in his way of speaking. He is patient and he is not a man with much words. We are good for each other.

I just realized I have not been posting much on the Homemaking category, I need to get back on it. I am also noticing I have not posted anything of my scrapbooking realm. I miss creating my albums. I hope to set time aside in the evening when Peter is down for the night to get back on my album making. Christine and Joshua both love their albums and they were not quite happy that I have not created one for little Peter. I told them that Peter was born in a different age in time, I documented Peter's growth here more then I documented any of my children. In a sense, I DID create a "record book" for Peter except with no decorations on the "pages".

We went down memory lane today and that's what triggered the plan for a nightly "scrapbooking" journey. I will take some pictures as I progress through it. I am also back on my monthly menu planning, which I will also blog about soon.

I always like posting pictures with my post. Since I haven't had any taken lately, I will leave you with one from my picture file. It is part of Christine's room (before she rearranged the furniture). She has kept her room very clean and organized since she was very young. I am glad she is diligent with this home task as one day she may be blessed with a home to keep.
Oh my, this really is an old picture! Look at that computer monitor. What's up with that clunk?

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