Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday already?

All right..., it felt like we just got back from our location shooting yesterday and that I was to try to put the remainder of the pictures on here. What is this stuff called "time"? It flies!

I want to recap this first half of the week as it was very full but I loved every minute of it.

On Monday we had our usual LBC classes until noon. Had a quick lunch and did our school work before leaving for Joshua's unexpected soccer practice, after that I took them all to the Drama practice and drove back to pick up Robert from the bus station. We had a quiet dinner (just the two of us) and talked (which was nice). Our friend Janelle had offered to bring them home and we were so thankful for that.

On Tuesday, school work and Food Share in the morning. I went to visit mom alone in the afternoon as she said she was still not feeling well enough to have the kids around. After I got home and picked up Robert, Christine and I zipped to her Mock Trial scrimmage. It was so neat to see all the kids dressed up like adult professionals. Some of the teens are actually very smart and I could see the law paths in their futures, if they should choose to do so. It was a long night but was so worth it.

On Wednesday, We went to visit Veronique, Noel and their children. We had a wonderful time of sweet fellowship. That was also our little Peter's first encounter with some friends around his age. The children had such a blast playing together. Peter was not shy at all, he even let Raven (the dog) licked him! :)

Listening to Veronique's sister's story made both Christine and I drop our jaws! Her sister and brother-in-law are missionaries in Peru. The family was attacked by gun fire one night. However, through God's provident and mercy, no one was hurt, though the young family was very shaken up. It is a reminder of how dangerous being a missionary family could be. They are back home now to recoup but are considering going back again soon. I am deeply touched by their courageous commitment to spread the gospel. They reminded me of what the Mullen family has to go through daily as a missionary family in an inner city of North Minnesota. Both families' lives are at stake for Christ's sake at any moment, yet they counted it their gain. I salute them with all my heart.

While Christine was interviewing Veronique for her Photography class assignment, I took Joshua to his band practice and then back to visit Noel in her cute little cozy nest. It was great to get to visit with Noel. The sweet visit was short as I had to leave again to pick up Joshua from band practice to soccer practice. Picked up Christine from Veronique's home, we went home and gave Peter a shower and then out again to Christine's SC meeting. Nick and Roxane happened to be there (Starbucks) and we got to chat for a bit then I hurried to pick up Robert from the bus station. While Robert left to pick up both kids from their activities, I oven baked a chicken for dinner and tried to put Peter down for the night (he didn't go down until 7:30pm - he was still so wounded up from the day play with his friends, I guess. :))

I thoroughly enjoyed the visit with both Veronique and Noel and hope to be able to do it more often.
I can't believe we only took one picture through out the whole visit! We definitely need to go back again. :)
Today (Thursday), our friend Liza came over to help Christine with some parts of her French lessons. Liza has a French teaching background so it was invaluable to have her over to help Christine with some French pronunciation! Thank you, Liza!
Well, tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward for another new day with new memories to make! God is awesomely good!

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