Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Camping trip - Day one

Well, Summer is officially ended for me.

We came home from our redwood camping trip and are finishing all the laundries and putting the camping gears away.

This camping trip was not as relaxed as the previous ones. I guessed it was due to a few things.

It was a new route we took and we stopped half way at a KOA in the height of the heat wave. There was no A/C in the tiny cabin. My stabbed thumb was so swollen from the heat (Got a nasty splinter under the thumb nail while getting the diaper bag clean, right before we left). We could not go to bed the first night until almost 10 :00pm when the heat finally subsided. It took longer than we expected to reach our camp site from HWY 1. It was a beautiful day with a majestic ocean view on the way but the road was very curvy with gushing wind. Since we had a cargo on the top of the car, we dared not be driving too fast. The campsite was a walk-to one, meaning we had to haul everything we needed to the site from the parking lot. I was very irritated by then and wished that we were at our regular camping ground in Sequoia. Being cooped in the car for such a long time, Peter wanted to run around (and fell many times) and when we tried to restrict him he would let out this incredibly piercing scream! I never knew he has such a voice! Of course it echoed through out the forest (till today we still think that Peter drove away all of the prospective camp neighbors we might have with the screaming - ha!).

Since this was Peter's first camping trip we did what we used to do with Joshua - put him in a stroller for the hiking. Unfortunately, since it is at Big Basin. there just weren't many level hikes or stroller friendly trails. We went to the redwood trail twice and that concluded our trip at the redwood. We did make a car trip to town to get a block ice and a bug repellent spray (the mosquitoes were eating both Robert and Christine alive). One of the happier moments was that I scored a box of nice WHITE ironstone dinner plates and other serving wares for $12.00 at a thrift shop! I have been looking for some white dishes for a long time. Never thought that I would find them during our camping trip.

Here are some pictures of the trip.

The cargo on the top of the car. All the sleeping bags, blankets and clothes.

Peter tasted his first fruit Popsicle.

He loved the swing bench.

It was so hot that we just kept his diaper on for easy changing.

He was having such a good time!

That's the cabin and yes, Joshua and Peter were on the swing. It was so hot that we didn't want to do anything else but sat still.

Christine was journaling while Joshua waited patiently to light the stove for me. He was our piro on the trip.

Peter rolling on the bunk bed.

See the bag of ice behind Christine? That's what we did that whole afternoon. Eating ice cubes! Next time we need to be sure to ask if the cabin has A/C.

Water fun! We found the water faucet and thought that it would be a good way for Peter to get cool...

He was soaked to the bone but had a GREAT TIME!!!

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