Wednesday, August 19, 2009

17 months old today

Peter turns 17 months old today.

Each baby seems to grow faster than the previous one. Even though I am counting by the months, time still feels like it is zooming by.

Dear little Peter, here is a little status (randomly) of your growth:

- Pat-a-cake is still your all-time favorite song to "sing" and clap along with us.

- "Mother Duck and her five little ducks" is your current favorite book, next to "Good night, Gorilla"

- You still like to have avocado, yogurt (homemade) with maple syrup and goat milk for breakfast.

- you like to eat string cheese.

- you enjoy biting off the banana than having it smashed.

- you dance to every happy tune.

- you are learning to sign "more, please" instead of just "please".

- you still like to eat what we have on our plates (even after you ate all your own food).

- you are not too shy to say hello to our friends.

- you LOVE outdoors!

- you LOVE car rides!

- you only take one nap a day now.

- you still sleep 12 hours through the night.

- you are wearing size 5 diapers.

- you make such joyful noise when we play with you.

- you are a good eater.

- You are very CURIOUS! Speaking of curious, brother Joshua has a perfect present for you this Christmas.

- you can say "mama" clearly but only on your own terms.

- you recognize the sound of an air plane and point to the sky or the sound of the garbage truck by pointing to the window (or climb up on the couch to watch it drive s by).

- you like to pretend to call Daddy at work.

- you like the real phone over the play one.

- you crack up when we make funny faces or sound.

- you like your "paci" and we are trying to wean you from it.

- you could put together your big Legos (the square ones).

- the big one - you "torpedo" down the stairs at an amazing speed! Hence the nick name "TorPeter" for ya!

- let's not forget, you go up stairs just as fast as you come down. What should we call that?...

- Latest one - you started scribbling on papers with a pencil. You love your "Dots" art work and so do I!

Happy 17th months, Peter! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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Becky said...

sis. We saw a friend's new toddler at the school open house. You know what Stephanie said, She said Peter is still the cutest baby she has seen so far =) I agree!