Friday, June 19, 2009

Used Curriculum Sale

We ought to be there earlier. When Christine and I showed up there was already a line at the check out table. For some reasons I didn't receive an email regarding the sale until the day before so I didn't get a chance to participate in the selling part of it. Maybe next year. We did well with the money I allotted to spend there. We also hit the "free" table.

On Sunday they (GBC) will have a cloth exchange event in the afternoon at the Fellowship Hall. Time to clean out the closets.
It just dawned on me that this Sunday is Father's Day and we have not sent out the card to Robert's Dad. Will take care of it when I pick up Robert so we can select the card together.
I might take the kids and flowers tomorrow to my Dad's grave site. I miss my Dad.

I only spent $25.00. The Norman Rockwell Posters book and the Animals of the World Jigsaw Book (looks brand new) being the highest priced ones ($7.00 each) but totally worth it!

The jigsaw book is an interesting book. It contains six 48-piece jigsaws inside.
On one side it has information of the animals...
On the other side it is a page of jigsaws for fun!
Joshua will enjoy it first and when Peter gets older, he could join in the fun.

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