Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FLY Day 4 - Post-It notes

We are on Day 4! I am not writing the things down on posted notes. As I have mentioned before, I don't like little notes tagging all over my home. It looks taggy to me. I will post them here and in the control journal.

So far we are;
- Getting Dressed to lace up shoes
- Keeping our sink shining
- Reading 2 minutes of Reminders

While I was doing all these, I have just clear the hot spot on my computer area.

This is my "Control Journal". I am going to revamp the whole thing soon.

I am using a green folder for my temporary "Control Journal" and put all of the FLYlady's Baby Steps in it. I will transfer them back to my official one whence it is done "remodeling".

My computer area is my "Supper Hot Spot". It got pile up with things so quickly that I have to do a few cleanings a day to keep it clear.

I love daffodils, the blooming tells me Spring is here!

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