Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Cookies

Twas the time of making Christmas cookies again.  Ever since my dear friend Kim showed me how easy and fun it is to make sugar cookies, Christine and I decided to make it one of our Christmas traditions to add to the celebration of the season.  Although I love the decorating part of the cookie making process, I have managed to avoid the dough making part.  *Sigh* It's a mental block.  Well, this year Christine was not available on the night we were suppose to be making the cookies, so I got down to business and made the dough myself.  I followed the recipe Kim gave us to the "T" and, voila!  It wasn't hard at all.  Now the cookies are all gone, I am itching in making another half a batch... perhaps tomorrow.

Christine came home and wanted to cut and bake the cookies, I told her to go at it.  Boy talk about production.  This girl is FAST when it comes to making cookies! :)

 The Irish Gold butter I used seemed to make the cookies have a nice color.  I tested one and boy was it tasty!

I made the Royal Icing also.  I love putting the icing on the cookies.  Christine and I worked together at the table and listening "Sound of Music" being played in the background.

Christine wrapped up the cookies and we drove around town to deliver them to our friends.

I learned about this drive around town activity from my sponsor when I first came to America.  I remember him riding his bicycle (driving his van if rained) and delivering the home baked cookies to us and to his friends.  I don't remember what the cookies tasted like but I remember the excitement of anticipation of the Christmas Cookies from him.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for our Christmas cookie tin, letter, and picture!


Our Lives said...

You are so welcome Kim! Thank you for showing me how to make the cookies. :)