Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Peter is an extremely active child out of the four children.  He could launch on games of his own and play for hours with what he created.  It is fun watching him go at it.

Peter takes the card game to a new level, literally.

and he is a perfectionist.  Uh-oh.

One side done. Now next.

Joshua and I were at the Veterans Day Celebration event in our town.  Seeing so many veterans in one place gave me goose bumps.  Many past and present servicemen were honored.  I have so much respect to all the military branches.  I love listening to their war stories. They along with their families gave so much to help keep the safety and the freedom of our country.  Thank you, Sirs.

  The Air Force Band played some great numbers.

I love this picture.  A CAP cadet honored an elderly female veteran with some flowers.

The CAP Squadron 1986

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