Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Week

This week whirled by just like the ones before it.  It is Saturday afternoon now and the sky is cloudy, no rain though.

After I bounced back from the bad news on Monday morning, I worked on our family budget immediately that night.  I hope the re-financing deal goes through.  It will make things a lot more easier, if not, we will still make it, but will be cutting it very close.

We had a mini hail storm on Tuesday at about 5pm.  I think it is like the third time I witnessed hail in our town for all of these years I have lived here.  I ran so fast to the door to get a good look at the stuff that I scraped my leg somehow.  There's a price for everything, I guess.

Since Robert had to study up for his final, I took C and J to their Speech/Debate club on Wednesday night.  I love this club!  The kids there were just amazingly good at it.  They know their stuff!

Went to our school's Family Science Event on Thursday night. Joshua had so much fun. Poor Peter was confined to the stroller as they don't want little hands touch the set-ups.  I can't wait until Peter is old enough to do the hands-on part.  I know he will love it!

C did a photo session for a client yesterday.  God is faithful, no sooner when I hung up the phone with Robert on Monday morning, she got a phone call and an email from two different people wanting her to take family portraits for them.  C will be able to pay for her extra expenses through her photography work and she is so willing to help that just bless my heart.

I took J to his Archery lesson this morning.  For $5 he could have about three hours of fun.  That is not bad for the bucks.  He actually has very good aim.  He got a whole bunch of bull's eyes.

They are now at the soccer game.  C decided to take some action pictures for her brother's team.  What a great big sister she is.  Afterward I will take Robert's mom shopping for some bedding as she is moving into a new living quarter this weekend.

Tomorrow is Sunday, but there are things to do still, not much rest for me this week.  It is ok, I will catch up with my rest next week.  Lord willing.

I always remind myself that the days may seem long but the years fly by. I treasure every moment I have with my family.

C & J have been such great kids this past week.  They have always been good kids but specifically this past week.  It is through hard times we see the silver lining.  We thanked C & J for their offers of using their money in their saving accounts and reassured them that God is faithful and this is truly part of His plan.  Not thing happens by surprise with Him. 

I have begun to think of recipes that I could do to save even more from our grocery budget.  We also conserve immediately with the utilities.  The challenge is on!

My future Picasso - Can you see all the happy faces?  And can you spot his P and T (part of his name) on the blue wall?  So glad I have delayed the painting of their room.

He also de-shaded this poor lamp.

Love how they share the ear plug - they were watching the "Donna Reed's Show".

First October rain fall.

Guess who woke up early and helped himself?

Chatting with big brother E on his birthday!

What a lovely label.  I needed to see this.  I got this in the mail after I came home from checking out a newly opened Target in our town and found that about 75% of the merchandise there were made overseas.  I was so disheartened.

Archery is all about forms, focus and attitude and zero luck.

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