Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eighteen Months Old

I know I just wrote about him being 17 months old. He is 18 months old today. Felt like I'd just blinked my eyes.
We are working on weaning him from the pacifier.
He is drinking out of his sippy cup now.
He wants to come down stairs on his feet standing up. We are working on this one.
He can slide out of his high chair effortlessly. I am sure he will be working on how to get on the high chair - very soon.
He is going through the screaming phase and we are trying to blame this on everything we could think of - not enough sleep, teething, etc... In reality, we just need to be more patient with him and try harder to understand his needs.
He can say the word "there!" clearly and excitingly.
Still calling "mama" on his own terms.
Still love books.
the new one - he discovered movie watching. No matter if we are turning the TV screen on or not, as soon as he suspected there might be a movie coming on, he would rush to the couch and "reserve" his seat. :) So far, he'd enjoyed Winnie the Pooh, Vegetales "The Lord of the Bean", Dumbo, Cinderella. We found out that he likes the movies with songs in them.
He twisted his little Tootsie and called it "dance".
The big one - he is closed to 30 lbs. if not over. We need to weight him.

Which reminds me that I have to make a doctor appointment for his 18 months check up. Wonder how many shots he's going to get... poor little guy.

Peter loves playing with boxes.

This is a good shot of how big he is.

This is Peter's beloved book bag. He likes to carry it around the house with his favorite books inside it.

I found a basket and decided to teaching him organization skill...

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