Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hospital day

What a weekend. Robert's mom is still in the hospital. They did a CAT scan and found out that she had an "old stroke" a while back. However, the stroke that caused the fall was a new or different one. At first they were going to discharge her but found her lithium level being too high to let her leave. So they kept her overnight. Because of the new find with the CAT scan, the doctor had decided to do a MRI for her tomorrow to have a better look at things.
Rod called Robert again tonight and let him know that he is coming down tomorrow to see their mom. Robert is taking a day off after all. He and Rod would probably drive to the hospital together.
Robert said that his mom still would not eat or drink much at all. I think she is feeling discouraged. It has to be hard to be at the hospital alone and not knowing if something else could go wrong still.
We are all tired but hope that we will have a clearer picture of her health tomorrow.

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