Sunday, May 3, 2009


So we didn't go to the LA Garden Show this weekend. I was hoping to. Well, there might be another show someday soon. After all, summer is ALMOST here.

I am feeling better right now and hope it will continue to feel this way. Something happened yesterday afternoon, I just got this horrible sore throat that just wouldn't go away. So I decided to keep my voice off - it is a good experience to have your voice off as your children will start talking to you softly, what a great way to have a nice, quite home. I went to bed early after taking three Ibuprofens and plenty of water. This morning I woke up feel very tired. I was able to get up and get Peter's breakfast ready so Robert could feed him before I went back to rest some more (three more Ibuprofens and plenty of water). Woke up at noon feeling a bit better and my voice had returned and the sore throat was mostly gone. I fed Peter lunch and then headed for a shower. I felt MUCH better after that and decided to eat something (I hadn't eaten anything since last night except the Ibuprofens and vitamins). I found a salmon salad in the fridge and decided it would be my lunch. I ate it carefully to be sure it didn't irritate my throat. It didn't! Praise the Lord! I am all refreshed now with food in my stomach (and plenty more water)!

Back to this weekend. We kicked off Friday by going to our homeschool park day. My friend Kim had a craft event for the children and she invited Christine and Joshua to join in (we forgot to register for the event). Christine was all for it but Joshua passed for this time. Jodi and Christine had much fun mosaic-ing their clay pots. I didn't take a picture of Jodi's pots, she did a great job picking out the pretty rocks out of a zillion of them (good job, Jodi!). I might have her email me a picture so I can post it here later. We missed Emily, she was on a field trip just coming home.

After that we went to watch the Greek play my friend Christina R. directed with some homeschoolers. They created the back drops and all the costumes by themselves and have worked very hard in memorizing their line. We even had homemade popcorn handed out by a crew staff. It was a lovely time we had and the children did a fantastic job.

How could you wrap up a great day without some basketball shoots? I love homeschooling!
Beth helping her daughters to put the cock adhesive on the pots.
The girls are picking out their rocks...
Christine's pot.
Chad decided to give it a try...
Even mom got in to help out a little... She wore gloves though...
Peter and Daddy had a great time strolling around.
After a wonderful Friday, Christine and Joshua woke up at 5:30 the next morning because Daddy was taking them to the annual Huck Finn Fishing Derby at Rancho Park.
Christine was almost awake...
Joshua was totally awake.
There was a big crowd.
The beginners...
Did she catch something?
They didn't catch any fish but had a great time! (Joshua went back with Robert later in the evening yesterday) We are getting dinner ready so they can go back later today again (with the Neuzils).

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