Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sound of Silence

I first heard of this song when I was very young - about 6 or 7. Ten years later, after I escaped to America, I was enrolled in an ESL class during my two regular high school years. The ESL teacher was trying to help us "know" America by playing some hit songs. "The Sound Of Silence" was one of his favorites and it quickly became mine, too. For I was a very lonely teenager at that time. New to the area and not having many friends. Most of all, I didn't know my Savior was out there waiting for me. I am glad my daughter has many friends and is living a healthy teenager life. She knows who her Savior is and she knows that she was bought with an ultimate price - the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
Now looking back, those were very trying years in my life. I searched and searched to fill that emptiness in my heart. It took three years before I'd found Him. I was 19. Although the real walk with my Savior didn't take place till I turned 25. I've been living under His grace since then.
This song does bring back a seemingly sad memory. However, it was a part of my young life and I thank the Lord for being there carrying me through, even before I knew Who He was and still is.

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